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If you are thinking about having wallpaper removed, you should know that it can be a very challenging task.  If you don’t follow a proper process, you can wnd up with damaged walls and drywall, in addition to bumps, dents and debris on your walls once you paint them.

Hardee Paint Co has over 20 years experience removing wallpaper from all types of interior surfaces.

Cover flooring and furniture

Score old wallpaper to allow moisture to saturate wallpaper

Completely saturate wallpaper surface with hot water and wallpaper removing solution

Gently remove wallpaper after solution has been allowed to work

Remove excess glue and any small pieces of paper

Allow surface to dry overnight

Completely sand and smooth walls

Prime all walls interior oil-based primer for adhesion

Fill and sand any imperfections on wall

Paint primered walls with 2 coats of the quality paint of your choice

For a free estimate on wallpaper removal, call Eric at 910 352-5436