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Exterior House Painting Preparation

Preparing a house to be painted is possibly the most important step of painting.  No matter how high quality paint you use to have your house painted, paint will not adhere to dirty or greasy surfaces,  Here is what you can expect from Hardee Paint Co:

  • We thoroughly pressure cleaning to remove all contamination etc.
  • We cover all plants and shrubs near the house
  • We trench the ground area around base of your building to sufficiently paint exterior down below ground level.
  • We hand scraping and sand of all loose/peeling paint on the exterior of your home.
  • We inspect/repair  for wood root, loose boards, damaged gutters, soffit, fascia, etc
  • We Primer / Sealer on all exterior painting surfaces prior to finish coating.
  • We caulk, patch and repair all cracks, holes and gaps
  • Daily clean up before your painting contractor leaves the work site.